Who We Are

Safe Drone is an Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) approved Registered Training Facility (RTF) for RPAS/drones with approval number IRL/RTF/U010-16.

Safe Drone’s Head of Training, Mark Prendergast, has a wealth of experience and know-how in both the drone and aviation worlds. Mark leads Safe Drone’s training and testing and is very much hands on and practical in his approach. He has 20 years flying instruction experience in both the military and commercial flying sectors. Mark is currently a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Airbus A330 pilot-instructor with Aer Lingus.

His drone experience includes many years of aerial videography & photography, industrial inspection, surveys, training and testing. In addition, Mark also currently works with the Brussels based European Cockpit Association (ECA) on their RPAS/Drone Working Group helping to shape the future of EASA’s European drone regulations due in late 2017. Mark is also a current Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) RPAS / Drone examiner.

What Motivates Us

At Safe Drone we are devoted to drone education and ensuring a safe drone industry. We understand the emerging drone industry’s start-up culture does not easily mesh with the evolved and regulated aviation culture. At Safe Drone we pride ourselves on being able to foster both cultures through our training program and strive hard to create good flying know-how and habit in our students.

We also care deeply in our mandate to improve the industry’s safety standard by eliminating its biggest barrier to entry; cost. Safe Drone is delighted to offer the most cost effective and comprehensive drone training and testing program in Ireland.

Why Train With Us?

 Highly Experienced Drone Operators

 Professional Aviation Instructors with both Military & International Airline Experience

 Practical Drone Flight Training Included – Get Outside & Fly with Us

 Ongoing Regulatory and Operational Support Post Training

 Highly Developed & Tailored Syllabus of Training – Our Key Differentiator

“Our Job is not to make you look like a professional but to make sure you are a professional”

Mark Prendergast, Chief Instructor