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Training Overview

Safe Drone’s training syllabus has been checked and approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and is written in accordance with SI563/2015 SUA Drone & Rocket Order and Aeronautical Notice U.02.

Training takes place over two days and includes both theory and table-top exercises. A practical demonstration of drone flight procedure is also included and focuses primarily on the IAA Pilot Competency Test.

If you have a drone please bring it along with you, however be assured there is no need to have a drone to take the course*. The philosophy behind our training program is to keep the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed and the learning focused and practical.

Training normally takes place at weekends and approximately once a month. Group training can be organised at a time and place of the groups desire. Talk to us for details. Completion of the ground training is required to progress onto testing.

Testing takes place on an additional third day post the training program. Pilot Competency Testing takes place in accordance with IAA testing schedule (IAA Form UF102). Specific Operations Permit assessment involves the submission of your Operations Manual (full template and training included) and completion of a simple paper based exercise scenario.

Subject Basic Outline Time
1. Introduction
  • Basic Welcome and Format of course.
2. Air Law
  • Authorities
  • Basic Principles
  • SI563/2015
  • SI107/2015
  • Drone Registration
  • European Regulation
3. Navigation
  • Controlled & Uncontrolled Airspace
  • Airspace Awareness
  • NoTAMS
  • UF101
  • Exercise
4. Meteorology
  • Basic Weather
  • Weather Effects on Drones & Limitations
  • Weather Sources
5. Principles of Flight
  • Flight Principles
  • Flight Controls
6. Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Aircraft components
  • Operating Philosophies
7. Human Factors
  • Human Performance
  • Error Chain
  • Checklist Philosophy
8. Flight Performance & Planning
  • Flight Procedures
  • Flight Setup
  • Emergency Procedures
9. Threat Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Threat Identification
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Site Safety Assessment
  • Control Measures
  • Exercise
10. Operations Manual
  • Operators
  • Operations Manual Compiling
11. Practical Drone Flight Procedures
  • Basic Flight Manoeuvres
  • IAA Pilot Test Demo