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       Airspace Planning & Weather Briefing Map

Understand your flying location, weather & NoTAMs with Safe Drone’s Airspace Planning and Weather Briefing Maps. Everything you need in one location.

Instructions For Use

Left-Click mouse over the map icons to get airspace information.

Right-Click on the map to get UF101 information box and ‘copy and paste’ the text to the downloadable UF101 form.

Click ‘UF101″ button to get map picture with red arrow for UF101 form (right-click to copy!).

Search Use ‘Search Box’ on top of map to find your location.

Scroll to bottom of page to see interactive weather data for weather forecast and brief.

Sources See bottom of page for source of information




Select NOTAM Date in the dropdown box

Your elevation is 0 metres.

Weather Briefing



The information is collated from various sources for your convenience. The information is provided ‘as is’.
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Airspace Data: Irish Aviation Authority.

NOTAM Data: International Civil Aviation Authority.

Weather Data: InMeteo.